A Puzzle From God. Giclée Print.

£45.00 - £235.00

  • Image of A Puzzle From God. Giclée Print.

Giclée Print on Archival Paper.

A bag of Doritos, a photograph of Oxford, an x-ray of a hand, merchandise from that band 30 Seconds to Mars, a DVD or the 2008 remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, a NASCAR sticker, an anatomical drawing of the female reproductive organ and a print out of an advert for a cat off Craig’s List. These are all items launched into space. What if two aliens found them? Just one of the 'fictional' science fiction covers that was exhibited at The Book Club 21/11/19. The brilliant tagline for this piece was written by the author, Dr Katie Beswick.

Both size options of 297 x 420mm and 594 x 841mm are produced in editions of 50. And have been signed and numbered by The Artist.

This artwork is available framed. Nielsen Frames have a minimalist, narrow, rectangular profile, with a brushed aluminium finish.

Please note: The cost of the framed artwork, factors in the additional postage fees.